Space Faring Civilisation (SFC)

Exploring the unkown, one optimistic Sci-Fi at a time

Writing contest

A short film script writing contest that focuses on optimistic Sci-Fi. Have a go and enter this wonderful contest. For more info and to submit your script  click on the  button.

Entries are only accepted via filmfreeway

SFC Mission

Space Faring Civilisation is an on-going project created by Masoud Varjavandi. It’s mission is to create more optimistic Sci-Fi, starting with short films, and encourage others to make optimistic Sci-Fi in any media. “What we imagine we tend to create, so lets’ imagine an optimistic world”.

SFC Original Films

Want something heart warming, or thought provoking, aspects with your Sci-Fi viewing? Then you’d love the Space Faring Civilisation Original Sci-Fi Short Films, from time travel to court room drama. Exploring the unknown, one optimistic Sci-Fi at a time.

© Masoud Varjavandi T/A Unity Productions

Join the SFC group

Join us at the SFC facebook group, and contribute in the discussions of why optimistic sci-fi is necessary to our ever advancing civilisation, an emerging Space Faring Civilisation. Also other related topics