Space Faring Civilisation (SFC)

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SFC Mission

Space Faring Civilisation is an on-going project created by Masoud Varjavandi. It’s mission is to create more optimistic Sci-Fi, starting with short films, and encourage others to make optimistic Sci-Fi in any media. “What we imagine we tend to create, so lets’ imagine an optimistic world”.

SFC Original Films

Want something heart warming, or thought provoking, aspects with your Sci-Fi viewing? Then you’d love the Space Faring Civilisation Original Sci-Fi Short Films, from time travel to court room drama. Exploring the unknown, one optimistic Sci-Fi at a time.

© Masoud Varjavandi T/A Unity Productions

Join the SFC group

Join us at the SFC facebook group, and contribute in the discussions of why optimistic sci-fi is necessary to our ever advancing civilisation, an emerging Space Faring Civilisation. Also other related topics